5 Best VPS Hosting Service Providers for More Speed, Control and Security

If you’re a political candidate, you cannot understate a website’s importance to inform the supporters about all activities. Not only does it showcase your portfolio but your personality too.

People can discover your website through various channels. To manage this thing effectively, you should consider VPS or virtual private server hosting to allow your website to run smoothly. 

However, one question remains: What are your website’s best VPS hosting providers?

This blog will share the ten best VPS hosting services you can consider for your website. Before delving deeper, let’s have a brief introduction to VPS.

What is VPS Hosting?

According to Google Cloud, a virtual private server works as an isolated on the physical server owned by a web hosting provider. This uses virtualization technology to bifurcate a single physical machine into multiple server environments to share the resources. 

The hosting provider installs a virtual layer on the server’s operating system by utilizing the virtualization technology. A VPS is private and virtual as you can control it entirely with the advantage of separating other servers. You can set up the website with resources like disk space, CPU cores, memory etc.

Best VPS Hosting Services

Top 5 VPS Hosting Services for Your Website

In this section, we will share the best VPS web hosting services, including their advantages, disadvantages, key features etc. Continue reading to know more.

1. Liquidweb

Liquidweb provides secure, reliable, and feature-rich VPS hosting services, an excellent option for large enterprises. Based on the user’s needs, there are three different plan categories. Here you go-

  • General VPS Plans– This balances the RAM capacity, CPU core counts and storage space. This makes it ideal for hosting multiple websites. 
  • Memoryoptimized Plans- This plan is excellent for databases. 
  • CPUfocused Plan- This plan is ideal for traffic-intensive applications. 

LiquidWeb provides free Cloudflare CDN for DDoS protection with ServerSecure Advanced Security Feature. Also, it supports multiple operating systems. However, the compatibility depends on the plan itself. 

Key Features

  • LiquidWeb provides a 100% uptime guarantee for the VPS plans. Also, it offers users compensation based on the downtime duration. 
  • Users can utilize the power of 10Gb/s redundant network, while enjoying the 10TB of outbound bandwidth. 
  • For cyber backups, all plans offer free 50 GB. Additionally, it supports file encryption while providing security anti-ransomware protection. 


  • 24*7 Customer Support– LiquidWeb offers 24*7 customer support via live chat, phone and email. 
  • High Uptime– Liquidweb ensures high uptime to its users. 
  • Managed Hosting Services– If you don’t have technical expertise or any in-house team, LiquidWeb can manage it by providing managed hosting services. 
  • Scalable– All the hosting plans are designed to accompany businesses of various sizes to offer multiple scaling options.


  • Costly Plans– LiquidWeb’s planning is costly compared to other hosting providers. Therefore, it may not be suitable for limited budget businesses. 
  • Complexity– The hosting solution features and the customization option may be complex to you, especially if you have very little knowledge of the same.

2. Hostinger

If you want four KVM VPS hosting plans with excellent features and performance, Hostinger offers you affordable prices. This includes weekly backups, free snapshots, a dedicated IP address, full root access and unlimited website support. 

All plans have NVMe SSD storage faster than a typical SSD. Also, the VPS has up to 8 vCPU cores with 32 GB of RAM, suitable for various working purposes. Hostinger offers an intuitive VPS dashboard which simplifies server management tools. For example, it has an in-built monitoring tool, browser terminal, one-click OS installer and an AI-powered assistant. 

You can leverage self-managed VPS hosting services once you avail of the plans Hostinger VPS hosting services. However, the customer representatives are available 24*7 via live chat. Also, Hostinger has 30-day money-back and always uptime guarantees for all the plans.

Key Features

  • Browser Terminal– You can connect and run commands on the VPS without the SSH client’s help. Therefore, you can manage the server directly with a web browser. 
  • Nextlevel Security Features- You will get Suhosin PHP hardening, BitNinja protection and DDoS protection to improve VPS hosting security. 
  • AI Assistant– This feature will make the hosting seamless and efficient, especially for non-tech persons.


  • Dedicated Resources– VPS hosting from Hostinger includes RAM, CPU and storage to ensure better performance and reliability than the shared hosting. 
  • Full Root Access– You can customize the specific requirements with full root access as you control the server environment. 
  • Improved Security– Hostinger VPS hosting offers better security than shared hosting. The virtual environment is separated from other users, which reduces the risk of security theft. 
  • Customization– From installing custom applications to configuring the server settings- things will be a cakewalk for you once you purchase Hostinger VPS hosting services. 
  • Uptime– The VPS hosting of Hostinger ensures 100% Uptime so that your application and websites remain accessible to the users.


  • Required Sufficient Technical Expertise– Managing Hostinger VPS hosting service needs technical knowledge to handle regular tasks efficiently. Things may be difficult for you if you don’t have that expertise. 
  • Limited Support– The resources to help in complex situations are less than they should be. You may need to rely on other expertise or resources to help you solve the existing issues.

3. Cloudzy

This offers cloud-based virtual private servers for ultimate service reliability, flexibility and high uptime. Cloudy comes with enterprise-grade hardware resources like DDR4 RAM and NVMe SSD. Also, you will get a 10Gb/s network connection in selection locations across the globe. However, if you need more resources, you can buy the bandwidth plans accordingly. 

Cloudzy offers a budget-friendly option that starts from $4.95/month. The famous plan offers 7 TB of bandwidth, starting from $36.95/month.

Key Features

  • Quick Installation– You can install the operating systems and programs with a single click. 
  • Addon Services- You can buy various add-on services, like server snapshots, floating IP addresses, and bandwidth packages, from the Cloudzy panel. 
  • Pay Only for the Services Method– This option lets you purchase the required things. These services may include bandwidth packages, floating IPs or new servers.


  • Reliability– The performance and uptime ensure that the website will remain accessible.
  • Scalability– You can easily upgrade or downgrade the solutions based on your requirements. 
  • CostEffective- Cloudzy VPS hosting services are cost-effective as they balance affordability and performance. 
  • Next Level Security– One of the VPS hosting service providers, Cloudzy provides robust security measures.


  • Performance Variation– As the VPS resources are shared with multiple users, performance may vary on the other user’s activities. 
  • System Admin Responsibility– Users may need to manage and maintain the servers, including security configurations, software updates and backups. 
  • Traffic Spike– Based on the VPS plan, traffic spikes may impact performance if the previously allocated resources aren’t sufficient to handle the enhanced load.

4. TransIP

If you have limited resources but need a comprehensive plan for scalable solutions, TransIP would be an excellent option for you. This offers more than ten hosting plans divided into three subcategories-

  • PerformanceVPS– This provides high-performance computing services to host live applications. 
  • SandboxVPS– This is designed for the production environment.
  • BladeVPS– This offers all-purpose servers to the users for quick upgradation by using resource add-ons. 

Additionally, TransIP offers built-in server monitoring, snapshots, firewalls, automatic backups etc. However, the starting plan doesn’t include the same. You should purchase the higher plans to experience all the premium features.

Key Features

  • Supports REST API– With the support of REST API, TransIP simplifies task automation, performance monitoring and remote system management. 
  • Addon Services- Users can buy add-ons to enhance the server resource at a lower cost. For instance, they can add more memory, CPY cores, storage space and IPv4 address.


  • Linux-based Shared Hosting Services– To ensure maximum uptime, TransIP offers Linux-based shared hosting services. 
  • Daily Backups– You will get daily backups while getting the option of 10 days of accessible data. 
  • 10 GB Storage– If you’re concerned about storage details, TransIp will take care of it. With TransIP, you will get 10 GB of storage or more. 


  • Not Recommended for Beginners– Since TransIP doesn’t have a drag-and-drop builder, it’s not recommended for beginners. 
  • Only Single Domain– You will get a single domain and it’s paid too. This is one of the significant disadvantages of TransIP. 

5. Ultrahost

This offers affordable hosting plans, suitable for your political website. Ultrahost provides hosting migration and free domain transfer. However, software updates and other services start at $25/month.

All the plans provide robust security features, including dedicated firewalls, BitNinja protection and a free SSL certificate. Additionally, they have multiple data center locations and an advanced caching system to improve the overall server performance.

This VPS web hosting service doesn’t have reliable and robust hardware. Ultrahost only provides 4 vCPU cores with 100 GB of storage. However, the starting hosting plan contains 1GB of RAM with the support of seven websites. If you want to increase the storage, you may need to spend $10.49/ month. This will provide up to 100 GB of storage. On the flip side, unlimited domain hosting costs $18/month.

Key Features

  • Simplified VPS Management– With the team management option, VPS management tasks are a cakewalk. Multiple users can work on the same virtual instances while sharing the account’s server with the other members.
  • Automatic Installation Script- You can use automatic installation scripts for multiple applications, including CMS.
  • Full Root Access- This VPS service hosting provider lets you access the complete admin panel. This means you will have total control and can download the program you require. Also, you can optimize the server settings for optimal performance and security.
  • Scalability- Once your company grows, the requirement of hosting will change accordingly. Ultrahost VPS hosting allows you to scale up and down the resources based on the requirement.


  • Excellent Uptime– The uptime of this VPS hosting service is ideal for your political website to ensure it is always accessible.
  • 24*7 Customer Service– If you encounter an issue, rest assured that the customer support team is there. They will address and resolve any issue immediately once you raise a query.
  • Competitive Plans– The hosting plans of the Ultrahost VPS services are competitively priced and come with various features like SSD storage and unlimited bandwidth.


  •  Limited Windows Support

Things to Consider Before Selecting the Right VPS Hosting Service Provider

  • Website Traffic– How many visitors does your current political website receive currently? Consider the number of visitors as received from the analytics and choose the VPS service provider accordingly.
  • Technical Skill– Are you technically sound enough to manage the complex levels? If yes, you can manage the things on your own. Otherwise, you may have to hire a team who can take care of the tasks on your behalf.
  • Budget– Consider the budget during choosing the best VPS server hosting provider.
  • RAM– This plays a pivotal role in task handling. Therefore, more RAM will help you handle multiple visitors and other complex processes simultaneously.
  • Storage Space– Ensure sufficient space for your database and files. Also, you can choose SSD storage for a speed boost.
  • Uptime– Always check for 100% uptime while choosing the VPS hosting providers. Otherwise, you may lose potential customers caused of downtime.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1: What are the Benefits of Best VPS Hosting Services for Your Political Website?

If you’re looking for a physical server with multiple virtual environments, a VPS hosting service would be an ideal solution for you. It offers scalability, flexibility, and top-notch performance than shared web hosting. 

Q2: What are Some of the Common Applications of VPS Hosting Services?

Apart from hosting websites, it is an ideal solution for multiple things like database hosting, load balancer, off-site backup storage and email hosting servers.

Q3: Which Domain is Ideal for Your Political Website?

.Vote Domain is an excellent option for your political website. Once paired with the VPS hosting services, it will serve you the top-notch services to reach your website to the target audience.

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