Best Email Hosting Services 2023

The 10 Best Email Hosting Services of 2024: Make your Choice

Are you getting frustrated by using your current email hosting, which comes with limitations that are not enough to meet the communication requirement of your business? In today’s digital landscape, it’s very important to set up the best email hosting for your personal or business use that can provide you with efficient and reliable services.

There’re many best business email hosting service providers available, and it can be confusing and overwhelming for businesses to choose the right email hosting services. But for you, we’ve tested some of the best email hosting services available in the market, which can provide a reliable user experience, security, and privacy of your messages.

So, if you’re an online business entrepreneur who’s looking for email hosting services that can be best for their business or personal use and provide you with reliable and secure service, then explore this article and learn all about the types, uses, features and benefits of email hosting which’ll help you to make the right decision in choosing the services for your business.

What is Email Hosting?

Before choosing your email hosting service provider, it’s very important to know “what email hosting is.” It’s an online service that provides businesses and organizations a renting service of email servers with their own domain names. 

Email hosting isn’t like signing up for an email account for Gmail, Yahoo, or Hotmail, but it has a more broadened use to store email accounts, files, and messages for business purposes. 

In simple and easy words, it provides a technical infrastructure for businesses to send and receive emails to their customers. So they don’t have to use free email providers like Yahoo and Google, and they can have more personalized features, more storage, and enhanced security customization options to meet the requirements and needs of their business.

Email hosting services come with free and premium plans. For some businesses, free plans can be a tempting offer, but they’ve several limitations. So, get the premium services and get special features, server/mail protocols tech, and customer support.

Types of Email Hosting Services

For businesses, there are many types of email services available that can be used for different purposes. Here we’ve listed different types of services that can work best for a business:

Shared Web Hosting With Email Service

Shared web hosting with email service is a type of service that combines both email and web hosting in one place. In this type of email hosting service, multiple accounts are working or hosted on the same server and using all the resources. This makes it difficult to send and receive bulk emails due to the shared server.

Third-Party Email Hosting

Third-party email hosting services are the external services that organizations and businesses use. These servers allow businesses more flexibility and control over their email account, and they’re easy to scale, use and provide excellent support. However, it’s important to remember that these housing services are more expensive than shared hosting services.

Self-Hosted Email Servers

Self-hosted email services can be a bit complex because they allow businesses to make their own infrastructure of email servers for their organization and businesses. So they don’t have to rely on any third-party or shared hosting servers.

This type of hosting server is best for businesses that want to take full control of their email system. They are responsible for everything from setting up their system to managing and maintaining the server and other tasks, which include security measures, software and hardware maintenance, and updates.

Top 10 Email Hosting Providers of 2024

1. A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting is one of the top email hosting providers known for its speed and reliability. The user accounts have support for POP3 IMAP SMTP, and it also has a filter for sperm protection and autoresponders, which makes it work efficiently. Here is what you’ll get: 

  • You will get free software for newsletters, contact forms, list management, webmail, and spam filtering.
  • Unlimited inboxing for sending and receiving messages or responders and forwarding.
  • We will have IMAP, POP3, and SMTP for safe and Secure messaging.
  • Unlimited storage
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Email forwarding to redirect emails from one inbox to another automatically.
  • Get filters to organize your folders and incoming calls.
best email hosting services

2. Hostinger

Hostinger, one of the best professional email hosting providers, is known for their solid combination of web and email. In late 2019 hosting partnered with Flock to provide better email services to small business owners and their power users so they can connect and build good relationships with their clients. 

Flock is a productive app creator for businesses and delivers a collaborative platform for calendars, the functionality of advanced search, and videoconferencing. Here is what you can get:

  • It has both free and premium email hosting plans.
  • Get the software for malware and phishing attack protection.
  • Automatic responders for sending automatic emails to your customers.
  • Storage of 30 GB.
  • High-speed performance
  • Integrate it with Google tools like Google Meetings, calendar, chat, drive, sheets, and Docs.
  • Support of POP3 and IMAP to sync your emails to multiple devices.
  • Money-back guarantees for 30 days.
best email hosting services

3. 1&1 IONOS

Searching for a budget-friendly option for email hosting services? Then 1 & 1 IONOS can be a great email host, providing many email hosting options within a small budget. IONOS supports popular web hosting applications, including Joomla, Drupal, TYO3, and PrestaShop. Here is what you can get:

  • Create custom domain email addresses.
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Get advanced virus and spam protection.
  • Easy integration with other email clients such as Thunderbird and Outlook.
  • Sync your email addresses on multiple devices.
best email hosting services

4. InMotion Hosting

In Motion is a package filled with advanced technologies with a user-friendly option. This email hosting provider is best at offering features that’s worth paying for. The InMotion hosting plans come with real-time spam-safe protection, which helps you monitor email traffic to identify and detect spam sources. Here’s what you can get with this hosting service:

  • Get free registration.
  • Support of POP3 and IMAP for spam and malware protection.
  • Get storage for SSL and free backup for SSL security.
  • Get unlimited accounts with your own domain name.
  • Fast email served for reliable email delivery.
best email hosting services

5. GoDaddy

GoDaddy is one of the largest and most popular hosting companies, which has provided more than 76 million domain names worldwide. So, there is no room for questions about whether a leading domain Registration company will be best for you because this is one of the best email hosting service you can choose for your business. Here’s what you can get with this hosting service:

  • Provide professional email solutions for domains.
  • With premium plans come HIPAA- compliance features.
  • Upto 99%of uptime is guaranteed.
  • Synchronize your data of emails across multiple devices.
  • Spam filters and high data security from virus protection.
best email hosting services

6. HostGator

Hostgator is the ultimate champion of providing unlimited hosting services. So, if you want an email hosting service that doesn’t track how much bandwidth and server storage you consume, get Hostgator hosting services. 

Get the luxury of unlimited support and create emails without considering limitations. It also provides SMTP, POP3, and IMAP support for email accounts to make them secure.

  • Get unlimited email addresses on your account.
  • 24/7 customer support via phone or chat.
  • Discount up to 66% on chat support.
  • Get unlimited accounts for tour business.
  • Advance spam and virus protection.
  •  Email forwarding and autoresponders for effective communication.
  • Sync email on multiple devices.
best email hosting services

7. Inter Server

If you are looking for an email hosting service provider which is cheap but comes with all the functionality, scalability, and features, then you do not have to look any further because inter-server is a great option to consider. 

Inter Server is known for its user-friendly and hands-on approach to providing innovative technology sweets to customers without breaking the bank.

  • Unlimited storage space for emails and data transfer.
  • Provide the option of registering or transferring domains for less than $10.
  • Get unlimited accounts for your organization.
  • Mailbox size of 25GB.
  • Maximum attachment up to 50 MB.
  • Email forwarding and autoresponders.
  • IMAp and POP3 support for the retrieval of emails.

8. Google Workspace (Formerly G-Suite)

Google Workspace ( formerly G-suite) is one of the best web hosting services with email providers. It provides users with a seamless and cohesive experience of using their services. One of the best things is that the administrative control it gives users to manage their email server keeps their data secure.

  • Create custom domain email addresses.
  • Get the mailbox size of 30GB, 2TB, or 5TB.
  • Get virus and spam protection.
  • Customer support 24/7 via tickets, chat, or phones.
  • Maximum sending limit of 25 MB and receiving 50MB.
  • For a basic plan, you can get 30GB of mailbox storage; otherwise, you get unlimited storage.
  • Blocking tools for virus and spam filtering.
  • Built-in migration tools.

9. Cloudways Email Hosting

Cloudways is one of the best email hosting provider. For email hosting services, it uses Outlook and email services. Moreover, Rackspace also provides Microsoft Office 365 and host exchange services for companies seeking additional productivity and collaboration.

  • Maximum sending limit of 25.
  • Create custom domain email addresses or connect your own.
  • Built-in migration tools.
  • Support of IMAP for webmail access.
  • Blocking tools for virus and spam filtering.
  • Customer support 24/7 via tickets, chat, or phones.
best email hosting services

10. Titan

Titan is an email hosting provider specially designed for freelancer solopreneurs and small business profiles to enable them to build good relations with their customers. This email hosting service is the most highly rated service with a 4.8 rating, and it also comes in the top 5 platforms for business email. What will you get:

  • Get unlimited accounts for your organization.
  • Create custom domain email addresses.
  • Blocking tools for virus and spam filtering.
  • Sync email on multiple devices.
  • Fast email served for reliable email delivery.
best email hosting services

How to Choose the Best Email Hosting Services?

There are many factors that you should consider before choosing the desired email hosting service. Some of the factors are given below:

Customized domains

One of the most important factors you need to consider before choosing the email hosting service is checking whether the email servers will allow you to create an email address for a custom domain. Having a hosting service that allows a custom domain is essential because most organizations and businesses use custom domains to build the authority and credibility of their business.


You can get the services of email hosting free from some providers, but they come with limitations of features. However, it is better to buy the services so you can get all the advanced features, but first, compare the prices of different email hosts and check if the service you are buying is worth it or not.

24/7 support

While using email hosting services, businesses sometimes face the problem of receiving and sending emails, or they aren’t able to create email accounts which can be frustrating, so it is very important to check that the email host you are choosing provides 24/7 live support

Anti-spam, anti-malware, and phishing detection

Most email hosting services provide the automatic tool feature which cleans up the emails and prevents your account from phishing attacks and malware. So before choosing the email host, always check if they provide the services of anti-Malware, Anti-Spam, and Anti-phishing systems.

These systems are designed to filter any malicious data or messages before they reach your inbox. There is also a customize option where you can set the filters according to your need and control what you want to allow for the filter.

Mailbox storage

One of the most important factors that you need for email hosting services is mailbox storage. It is very important to send emails in bulk or send and receive large attachments. So always choose storage with high limits so you don’t have to go through the hair cell of creating new addresses when your mailbox is full.

Cloud storage

Some of the email hosting providers also include cloud storage, allowing business owners to store more data than emails. The cloud data saves documents, photos, attachments, and other things. Moreover, many platforms provide cloud storage individually, but getting it with your email hosting service will save you money.

Sending size limits

Another thing is to check the sending size limit of the email while choosing the email host. This factor is important for sending emails with large attachment videos, PDFs, or photos.

Benefits of Choosing the Best Email Hosting Services

Here we have listed some benefits you can get with email hosting services.

Safe and Secure Webmail Access

Choosing the right email hosting service gives you the benefit of safe and Secure webmail access, which prepares your email server for data encryption according to the industry’s standards. If your webmail access is secure, it will guarantee that the data you send or receive from the server will go under the encryption protocol from the time you sign in and log out of your account.

Most email hosting service provider companies provide even 128-bit encryption for their email service. This encryption process is the best option for operating a business and getting secured webmail access because protocols guarantee that the data of the emails won’t be compromised.

Say No to Spam and Viruses

The benefit of blocking phishing attacks, which can damage the email before it enters your network. In addition, it provides advanced anti-virus scanners integrated with the SMTP gateway. These anti-virus scanners are our best options to keep the viruses and spam away from your account by using several filtering techniques like realizing white listing blacklisting techniques.

It can be really hard and challenging to review your inbox when it is filled with 90% of spam, and you don’t want to waste your time reviewing all the emails. So with the best email hosting solutions, you can get advantages from these filters and remove the spam before it arrives in your inbox, saving you time that you can use for other things.

Staying Secure

The email hosting services can come in handy with your budget, but it does not provide the security your account needs. So by choosing a good email hosting service, you can keep your email and data secure with advanced software like ClamAV and sperm protection so you and your customers can be safe from any fishing attack or spam.

All of your emails will be encrypted and cannot be intercepted by any third party. Moreover, if your email hosting is built on cloud interfaces like OX will allow you to think of your email accounts on multiple devices through the support of webmail services IMAP and POP3. If you face any issue in your company, the company will provide you with a professional assistant to handle your issues.

Increased Storage

One of the most common problems businesses face with free email housing services is mailbox storage. If the storage is full, you cannot delete emails as you do in your personal ID because they may contain important and sensitive information about your business, so the best email hosting solve the problem of storage and provide users with unlimited storage or enough storage that they can use.

Moreover, they also provide 99% time, which can help you to solve the issue efficiently and boost your customer service and communication with the internal teams. Good uptime means that your information will not be lost.

Connecting all email IDs

While doing business, working only on one email address is impossible because you need customer service emails, information emails, and separate staff emails. Email hosting services allow you to connect all email ids so you can make a flexible and scalable option for your business.

E Access

According to a study it is stated that more than half of mobile users open emails which are sent by businesses. This means the excess of mobile phones to make purchasing decisions and engage them with the brand. The email hosting service allows you E-access so you can target your customer on Android, iPhone, or Windows.

Automated Responses

The mail hosting services come with automatic responders. The Automatic responders are designed to send a reply when an email is received. To provide the benefit of good Customer service and also for sending interesting and inside full mails that can engage them with your brand.


By using the right email hosting service, you can get the advantage of feedback. You can reach your customers and send them professional emails about “how you can make their experience better.” Asking these questions will help you to engage with your audience and get helpful feedback to grow your business.

Attracts website visitors

Email marketing is a core strategy that you can make with email hosting services. You can make interesting and engaging marketing campaigns to increase the interest of customers. Also, prompt them to visit your website by adding CTA in emails.


Choosing the best email hosting services can be a daunting task, and many service providers are available. However, many email hosting service providers stand out in the competition. If you want to choose an email host for your business, then look for the features, reliability, pricing, compatibility options, and tools they provide.

To select the business and personal email hosting services depends on your preference and the requirements of your business. Go through this article and learn about all the important factors you must consider before choosing the hosting service. Also, look for the top Best service provider for your business.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1: Do email hosting services provide any free plans?

Yes, some email hosting services are available that provide free plans for users. However, they can have limited features like you getting ads, storage, bandwidth limitation, and a few customization options.

Q2: for what purpose free email hosting services are best?

The free email hosting services are best if you need to use them for personal use or if you have a small business.

Q3: Is it possible to transfer my existing email accounts to a new hosting service?

Not possible in all cases. But many email hosting service providers allow users to transfer their existing email to a new service by providing them with migration tools. While transferring, they can migrate their contacts, data, and emails. However, there may be an extra cost to obtain this service.

Q4: how to set up a custom domain with an email hosting service?

Different hosting services may have different ways to set up a custom domain with an email hosting service. However, here is a general method:

Do the configuration of your domain DNS settings so it can point to the servers.

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