.COM Domain Isn’t Available

What Things You Can Do When Your Selected .COM Domain Isn’t Available?

Is your .com domain already purchased or taken that you want to create for performing various voting activities?

Now, the question is- What to do when your .com is not available?”

Your domain name is one of the crucial parts of your voting activities, and it will affect your campaign performance. 

It’s one of the most challenging situations you’re currently facing as a candidate, and you don’t know how to overcome it!

We will walk you through the options available once you don’t find a .com domain name. Before digging deeper, let’s look at why your preferred .com domain isn’t available. 

Read on.

5 Reasons Why your Preferred.COM Domain May not be Available

.COM Domain Isn’t Available

It may happen that your preferred .com domain is not available to take your candidature to the next level. If you still don’t know the reasons, here are a few reasons we’ve jotted down:

1. Already Registered

Your chosen domain name may already be registered by someone else. Therefore, you’re not able to proceed with your preferred domain name.

2. Reserved Domain

The specific domain authorities already reserve a few .com domain names for specific purposes like protocol development or technical testing. Therefore, you do not have permission to use that domain name.

3. Premium Domain Name

Premium domains hold higher value due to their brand value, popularity and other factors. Most often, these domains are sold at higher prices to specific organizations.

4. Infringement of Trademark

Sometimes, your chosen .com domain isn’t available as it infringes another business’s trademark. It can lead to legal issues, creating untoward situations for the parties involved. That is why domain registrars refrain from random users buying a specific domain name.

5. Expired Domain

If the previous domain hasn’t renewed the existing domain name yet, you can buy that domain name. However, you must wait till the domain name expires to get an opportunity to buy that domain name.

Options to Consider When Your Preferred.COM Domain is Not Available

Finding the domain name for your website can be a daunting task. However, we’ve made this process easier for you. Here are the options you can consider:

1. Check Available Domain Names

You can use a domain name checker tool to see whether the preferred domain name is available for purchase. If it’s not, then you should come up with different ideas.

2. Perform Extensive Research

Think about your voting-related website and the purpose of creating the same. Now, research the key phrases that are related to your organization and check whether those domains are available.

3. Look for Synonyms

You can try the synonyms of your preferred domain if you can’t find the same. Online thesaurus will be a helpful tool to help you find the synonyms.

4. Add Words

Sometimes, adding more words to your domain name will enable you to register. For example, if your preferred domain name is “Castyourvote.com,” you can use “NowCastYourVote.com.”

5. Rearrange the Domain Name Orders

Sometimes, one specific name may not be available as your preferred domain name. However, rearranging the name can help you to get the domain name. For example, “YourpollsiteNYC” may not be available, but “NYCyourpollsite” may be.

4 Quick Tips for Choosing a Good Domain Name

Choosing a good domain name is essential for your candidature. Here are a few tips to help you choose a good domain name:

1. Avoid Using Difficult Words

Don’t use such kinds of words which are difficult to spell. You don’t want the target audience to face trouble finding your website as they face difficulty spelling your domain name.

2. Keep it Short and Sweet

A simple yet short domain name is easy to remember and type.

3. Make the Domain Name Relevant

Try to keep the relevancy of your candidature profile while choosing the domain name to make it unique and memorable.

4. Avoid Number and Hyphens

Incorporating numbers and hyphens will make your domain harder to remember and type. Avoid using the same to make it easier for your audience.

Final Words

There is indeed a plethora of domain names available than .com. Still, people think of .com when they think of a website. For now, if you want a .com domain name, we have the option for you. DotVote domain offers a wide range of domain extensions. Find your perfect fit to promote your next campaign. You’re just a step away from getting some favorable results.

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