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What is Secure Email Gateway (SEG)? A Complete Guide

Picture this: Marie was a busy political candidate, constantly emailing the target audience. She was confident about her ability to keep her digital identity safe. However, she was unaware that her account was vulnerable to social engineering attacks by cybercriminals.

One day, Marie received a suspicious email claiming a discount on a product she was interested in. Once she clicked on the link, some malicious content page opened on the device. Also, her device was infected with malware. The object of the cybercriminals behind this attack is to gain access to Marie’s email content. Soon, they started sending fraudulent emails asking for personal details and money.

Marie felt miserable. However, she decided to incorporate a secure email gateway. Soon, he reaped the benefits of this email security solution and her identity was never compromised again.

Are you also a political candidate who receives emails that contain malicious links? If yes, it’s time to implement a secure email gateway before it’s too late!

What is a Secure Email Gateway (SEG)?

A secure email gateway is a server that utilizes machine learning and signature analysis to detect and block malicious emails before they arrive at recipients’ inboxes. This server is a gateway through every inbound and outbound mail pass.

According to a STUDY, phishing is the most used form of cybercrime, with an estimated 3.4 billion spam emails sent daily. A secure email gateway can protect your digital identity by preventing malicious content-filled emails from reaching your inbox.

How Does an Email Security Gateway Work?

How Email Gateway Work

A secure email gateway can protect your inbox from malicious emails. Most secure email gateways offer features like spam filtering, malware blocking, content filtering and email archiving. Let’s take a closer look:

1. Spam Filtering

This is one of the primary tasks of a secure email gateway. It filters the spam through a prefiltering technology that quarantines any email received from the fraudsters. Also, it can detect the patterns found in spam emails, like keywords and keyword inclusions used by spammers. Otherwise, it can lead to spammy websites, turning into data loss once clicked. Many email security gateways allow the users’ inboxes to flag spam messages.

2. Malware blocking and Virus Blocking

Email security gateway scans every mail to prevent viruses and malware. Also, it keeps your inbox up-to-date with the latest threat intelligence patterns.

3. Email Archiving

Whether cloud-based or on-premise, email services should be managed efficiently. Email archiving can help the users to manage the storage efficiently, done by a secure email gateway. If the user wants to keep the emails as per company compliance, a secure email gateway will archive the emails for a certain time.

4. Data Loss

Outbound emails pass through SEG, which contains sensitive messages. It will stop data leakage if the user sends sensitive content to an unauthorized account.  

5 Reasons Why Email Security Gateway is Important?

Why Email Security Gateway is Important

Mostly, hackers target your official email id and use attacks like phishing. The number of mail attacks like phishing, spreading malicious attachments and ransomware. Therefore, saving the email from fraudsters is essential. Here are a few reasons why you should start using SEG:

1. Malware Prevention

Scammers use emails to deliver malware to your inbox. Once you start using a secure email gateway, it will scan the mail for viruses, malware, and other malicious codes so to prevent your mail.

2. Spam Protection

Secure email gateways can filter out unwanted emails and messages which may contain malicious links. This enables to reduce the phishing attacks and other type of cyber threats.

3. Data Protection

Email gateways are configured to protect sensitive information like personal information, confidential business data and financial information. This ensures that business emails aren’t compromised when it comes to protecting their data.

4. Compliance Regulation

If you’re contesting from your constituency, your data should be protected as per the compliance. Secure email gateways or SEGs can enable you to comply with these regulations with tools that constantly monitor your email activity.  

5. Increased Productivity

Secure email gateways can reduce the number of spam messages to help you focus on your political activities. Also, it reduces the chances of clicking on malicious links, causing more downtime and productivity issues.

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