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How to Find Expired Domains in 2024: A Comprehensive Guide

Do you know that around 30,000 new domain registers every day? The growing interest of owners, businesses, and investors has made the domain industry almost worth seven billion dollars in the US only in the US. But what happens when the website owners do not use their domain after a certain time? The domains which are not renewed get expired, but these expired domains can be pretty valuable for you. So here in this article, we explore how to find expired domains in 2024.

How to Find Expired Domains?

There are many platforms available where you can find expired domains. Some of the platforms are the best and offer premium services.

The owners who lose interest in domains and do not renew their domain names along with their TLD suffix become expired or drop domains. However, these domains can give you certain advantages in building your own website or blog. So to get advantages of expired domains, bloggers and entrepreneurs can find these domains with tools and put them to good use, but it can be challenging.

What Actually Are the Expired Domains?

What Is An Expired Domain

As you know, every domain has a registration period ranging from 1 to 10 years, and after registration, the domain owner needs to renew the domain. So if the domain owner does not renew it, the domain will expire.

However, domains do not expire instantly after the expiration date, but it goes into a grace period where the owner of the domain can still renew, but it will cause him to pay high charges. However, the domain is not renewed in the grace period. Instead, it will go into the redemption period, where only the original owner can retrieve the domain by paying high charges. Still, if the domain is not renewed in the grace and redemption period, it will become available for anyone to purchase.

Expired domains are useful to those people who are looking for domain names that are established and have existing backlinks and authority. But you need to remember that the previous content and history of these domains that can affect the value and use of its new owner.

Reasons For Domains to Expire

There are many reasons behind the expiry of domains here. Some of the popular reasons are listed below.

Failure to renew

After the registration of the domain, they require renewal, which depends on the chosen registration time by the owner. And in the meantime, the owner does not renew the domain name, and it will expire and be available for registration for anyone.

Financial issues

If the business is facing any difficulties and has financial issues, then the owner may not be able to renew the domain. In this case, the domain will expire and will be available for others.


In some cases, there is a chance that the domain owner may not no longer be interested in the domain name and abandon it to move to another domain. And this abandoned domain which is not reviewed will be expired, and any other person can register it for their website.

Business closure

If the domain registered on a business goes bankrupt and closed down due to insufficient financial resources and the owner does not renew the domain due to lack of motivation, this results in the main expiration, and it is available for others.

What are the Benefits of Using an Expired Domain?

An expired domain is a name of a registered domain that has been used before by other businesses, but they are no longer in use. which means the domain might have expired due to the failure of the owner to renew it or for other reasons. However, some people consider expired domains useless, but here are some benefits you need to explore.

SEO advantages

Using the expired domains can give you the advantage for searching and optimization because the expired domain may have backlinks, authority, and traffic that you can leverage for your website, which will help you rank it higher in search engine results.

Ranking faster

The domain that is expired and has a good backlink profile and domain authority will help you to rank your own website faster. Because the backlinks in the domain are very important for SEO to improve the website ranking, it will link all of its backlinks to your website and build your credibility when you choose an expired link.

Developing authority faster

One of the most important things for a website is to build authority however building authority is not a fast process because it takes time. But if you have an expired domain with a good reputation, that can help you two develop its authority faster because a domain that acquires high-quality content can become a great source to improve your website’s online visibility.

301 redirect usage

One of the best advantages you get from an expired domain is the redirect tool, which will help you retrieve the link juice and authority of the domain. For example, if you set up 301 redirects, then you will retrieve all the traffic from the expired domain, and this will help you to improve the authority and traffic of a website.

Saving time

Starting a website from scratch and making it successful is a time-consuming task. There are a lot of things that you need to do, like creating high-quality content, designing your website, finding a domain name, and doing SEO on your website to improve credibility and authority. However, if you use an expired domain name, it will save you time on some processes that you can leverage to use on other things.

What Qualities to look for Good Expired Domain

As we have discussed earlier, the basics of expired domains are their benefits and reasons, but you must think about how you can judge whether the domain is good. So if you have this question on your mind, then here we will tell you some qualities for you to determine if the domain is good for you.


Age is just a number, but here, the scene is the opposite because, in the expired domain, age is just not a number. The older the domain, the better it will be because if the website is old, it will have multiple backlinks from other domains, so Google must have indexed the website. 

However, one thing that you need to remember is to check the content of the site because if the content of the domain is not good, this could be a reason for the domain expiration because blogs need to have high-quality content to become successful.

Find out the domain age when making WHOIS lookup. Below is an example of how to check the age for the podcast website Breaking Battlegrounds.

Domain age


Backlinks are the backbone of any website because it builds credibility and authority. So to determine if the expired domain is good for you, you need to check its backlink. And if you find a website that is older but has zero backlinks, that means there is a need for high-quality content. So it is always important to choose an expired domain with a good number of backlinks attached to it, giving you the advantage of improving your website visibility.

Good name

One of the most important things while choosing an expired domain is to choose a good name because no matter if the website has a great number of backlinks but the name of the website is complex and contains numbers and hyphens which are not easy to Remember or irrelevant to your niche can have a negative impact on your website. 

People always want to read content from a website whose names are good, attractive, and connective because the name of your website reflects your brand and also builds trust within your users to make sure the name you choose for the expired domain is short, concise, and related to the content you will post on your website.


Another factor from which you can determine whether the expired domain is good or not is MMGR. This is referred to as Majestic million Global rank. The smaller the rank number, the better it will be because on the expired domain, you cannot find the ranks, but some good expired domains still contain the ranks. If you ever find a domain like that in your research, you need to register this domain as early as possible before someone else does it.

Where you can find Expired Domains With traffic?

1. Expired domains.net

Expire domain.net is a free resource through which you can access a domain. Finding the expired domain requires you to type the niche you are looking for, and in the results, you will find thousands of options.

There will be everything from travel to health and many others. You will also find the tools and filters that you can apply. This tool will provide you with the info on backlinks, ranking, expiry date of the domain, etc.

2. SpamZilla

If you want to buy an expired domain related to your niche, use Spamzilla, one of the most popular sites, to find the expired links. To find the domain, you only need to sign up for the website and search by entering the keyword.

You will also find the filters you can apply that will provide you the info on backlinks, ranking, expiry date of the domain, and information on Google index, price, etc. Unfortunately, this website is premium, and you must pay 30 to 50 USD for a subscription to find the expired domain.

3. Domain Hunter Gatherer

Domain Hunter-gatherer is one of the great sites to find expired domains. This site has free sources as well as premium services. You will also find the filters you can apply that will provide you the info on backlinks, ranking, expiry date of the domain, and information on Google index, price, etc. Moreover, this platform provides a seven-day money-back guarantee, which is a great option.



Finding the best-expired domains in 2024 can be challenging, so if you are interested in finding the best and leveraging its potential for your website, read How to Find the Domains with good Traffic in 2024.

Hunting domains can be a great way to find and acquire an established domain name with existing backlinks and traffic. There are several methods for finding expired domains, including using domain auction websites, domain crawler tools, and backlink checker tools. When looking for expired domains, it’s important to consider factors such as domain authority, backlink profile, and traffic history to ensure that the domain is of value.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1: What should I look for when finding expired domains?

Look into the factors of domain authority, backlink profile, and traffic. The best domains have high domain authority and quality backlinks from reputable websites.

Q2: How much does it cost to purchase an expired domain?

The cost to buy a domain depends on many factors, such as the domain’s age, domain authority, backlink profile, and traffic.

Q3: Are there any risks with purchasing expired domains?

Yes, there can be some risks associated with purchasing expired domains. For example, if the previous domain owner has engaged in SEO, it will result in a penalty. There is also a chance that the domain was connected to penalized and banned websites. So it is very important to research a domain before purchasing to minimize these risks.

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