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Top Potential Presidential Candidates 2024 in General Elections USA

With elections of 2024 coming, everyone has eyes on the presidential candidates in 2024 to see who is racing against each other for the US presidential chair. There are many potential candidates from Republican Party, Democratic party and also independent candidates taking part in 2024 presidential candidates. So, read this blog and find out about all the candidates and who can have potential influence to win this coming election.

Republican Prеsidеnt Candidatеs 2024

Here are the Republican president candidates 2024:

Donald Trump

Donald Trump

Trump is one of the Republican Prеsidеnt 2024 Candidatеs, and he declared to everyone that he intends to live in the White House for a third time when he first began his campaign. He spoke from his luxurious home, Mar-a-Lago, in Palm Beach, Florida. After the last elections, some influential Republicans started to attack and criticize him by claiming that he had backed candidates who weren’t particularly good. But recently, despite everything, Trump’s popularity has increased even further, and more people are indicating in the surveys that they favor him. 

Many Republicans nevertheless defended Trump even though he faced legal difficulties in state and federal courts. In Florida, a sizable group of individuals who have the power to make legal decisions accused Trump of acting improperly and accused him of breaking the law 37 times. They said he misplaced key papers after leaving his position at the White House. Additionally, Trump was charged with lying about his business records and giving money to a movie actress in New York. He declared himself to be innocent and pleaded that he was not “not guilty.” 

Even though it’s false, Trump continued to claim that he had won the 2020 election in his speeches. He also covered the charges against him, claiming they were just another attempt to stop him. At a political gathering, he claimed to be the one who will put things right for those who feel they have been treated unfairly.

Glеnn Youngkin

Glenn Youngkin

When Glenn Youngkin won the race to become the governor of Virginia in 2021, he attracted a lot of attention. During the midterm elections in 2022, he assisted other Republicans in states where voting was unclear for one party. People began speculating that he would wish to take over as president, and he has stated that he feels honored that they are. He hasn’t indicated he won’t do it, but he’s also mentioning the upcoming elections in Virginia.  

People are unsure if Youngkin wants to run for president because one of his advisors, J.R. Oe, is now supporting D.Santis for the presidential election 2024. But recently, Youngkin produced a video in which he discussed Ronald Reagan that caused people to think of him as a candidature for the next president in 2024.

Tim Scott

Tim Scott

In May, Tim Scott, the sole Black senator in the Republican Party, formally decided to run for president. His team announced that they would spend $6 million on advertisements to run up until the first significant Republican debate. He is from South Carolina, and he talks about how his family progressed from picking cotton to him being a senator. He adds that America shouldn’t be defined solely by its mistakes in the past. He speaks in a hopeful and positive manner in an effort to demonstrate that he is a strong voice against the left’s political views. 

He has a lot of money for his campaign, even though many nationwide haven’t yet indicated that they support him in surveys. He began with $22 million from his first senate campaign and has since received more funding from a special group that backs him. One of the richest people in the world and the founder of the large firm known as Oracle, Larry Ellison, supports this group.

Ron DеSantis

Ron DеSantis

Ron DeSantis, the governor of Florida, announced his intention to run for president in late May. His campaign was viewed by many Republicans as a serious challenge to Trump, who was also anticipated to run. Due to his disagreement with lockdowns and vaccination requirements during the pandemic, DeSantis gained popularity among his party. Additionally, he spoke out against “wacky ideas” in the news, large corporations like Disney, and educational institutions.  

After easily winning his most recent election, DeSantis continued promoting conservative policies and established rules restricting sexual and gender-related discourse in classrooms. He also received a lot of funding from donations, which was helpful for his campaign. Recent polls, however, show that Trump is ahead of DeSantis, and some of his supporters are concerned about his strategy. According to DeSantis, he is a better choice than Trump to defeat Biden in the states with the power to choose the next president. But some Republicans are worried that DeSantis’s viewpoints on issues like abortion are overly extreme.

Asa Hutchinson

Asa Hutchinson

For eight years, Asa Hutchinson was in charge of Arkansas. In April, he launched his presidential candidacy. Hutchinson previously practiced law and served on President George W. Bush’s team. Although he is not as well-known as some of the other candidates seeking the presidency in 2024, he will visit many states in order to gain more support and draw attention to himself. 

Before the midterm elections, some Republicans were unsure about Trump, and Hutchinson urged them to avoid focusing on him. Also, according to him, Trump’s involvement in the Capitol attack in 2021 makes him unfit for another term as president.

Mikе Pеncе

Mikе Pеncе

When Trump held the presidency, Mike Pence served as vice president. In June, he decided to run for president and stated that Trump shouldn’t run for office again by discussing how someone who cares more about themselves than the laws of the land shouldn’t be a resident.  

He has also criticized Trump for his unsuccessful attempts to change the outcome of the 2020 election. Pencе lost patience with Trump when he refused to assist in changing the election outcome on January 6, 2021. This infuriated some of the Trump supporters, and they even began chanting derogatory things against him.

However, Pence does not constantly criticize Trump; on occasion, he even sides with him. Even though he doesn’t believe Trump will receive the Republican nomination, he said he will support whoever does.

Pencé began campaigning for president after visiting key states for the elections and informing voters that he is a Christian, a conservative, and a Republican, in that order. He discussed issues challenging for other Republicans, such as changing medical care and social security policies and making it more difficult to obtain an abortion. Additionally, he expressed pride in the work the Trump administration performed to change the laws governing abortion.

Doug Burgum

Doug Burgum

Doug Burgum, who is thе lеadеr of North Dakota, said he wants to be president, though his chancеs might be small. He used to work in technology and is now in charge of thе statе. Hе started this job in 2016 and won by gеtting a lot of votеs in a racе with two other pеoplе. 

He talked about his ideas when he started his campaign in Fargo. He wants to make more money, deal with our most pressing security issues, and assist the nation as things rapidly change.

Chris Christiе

Chris Christie

At the beginning of June, Chris Christie, a former leader of New Jersey, decided to enter the race for president. Trump, who used to be his friend, is someone he wants to portray as powerful and ready to challenge. He attempted to become a resident in 2016 while serving as the governor of New Jersey from 2010 to 2018. 

Christie promptly backed Trump in 2016 after he gave up trying to become president, and he even oversaw the team that assisted Trump in getting ready for the presidency. Later, however, he began to speak negatively about Trump and urged his party to change its ways. He stated frankly that politicians fear Trump in the same way that they feared being referred to as communists in the 1960s when they were confronted with lies. He made this statement before a gathering of Republican Jews in Las Vegas.

Larry Eldеr

Larry Elder

Larry Elder, a radio host who promotes conservative ideas, ran for governor of California in 2021. However, he was unsuccessful. He stated his ambition to be the Republican nominee for president in April.  

When he was running for governor, he disagreed with the minimum wage, believed that employers should be able to ask women if they want children, didn’t like the requirement that state employees receive the coronavirus vaccine, and backed Trump’s false claim that the 2020 election was false.

Vivеk Ramaswamy

Vivek Ramaswamy

In February, wealthy entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy, author of “Woke, Inc.: Inside Corporation America’s Social Justice Scam,” was declared as the third Republican candidate for president. The underdog candidate is basing his campaign on resistance to everything “woke,” drawing on a theme shared by conservatives who have criticized diversity initiatives and specific claims of racial and gender discrimination. Also, Ramaswamy’s recommendations are to repeal affirmative action and raise the voting age to 25.

Francis Suarеz

Francis Suarеz

In the middle of June, Francis X. Suarez, a Republican mayor of Miami, started as one of the presidential 2024 candidates. He is the sole Hispanic candidate for president, and he is also the third candidate from Florida. He is 45 years old and wants to be recognized as a middle-of-the-road figure who can help the Republican Party connect with more voters. 

He said on television that he is running because he has a unique message and believes voters also want someone who can unite them. In 2017, Suárez was elected mayor of Miami. Additionally, his father served as the city’s first Cuban American mayor. When Florida’s governor was up for election in 2018, he cast his vote for a candidate from the opposing party.  

He has also stated that the current governor, Ron DeSantis, acted improperly with Disney and caused the state to lose employment. The FBI and the Securities and Exchange Commission, an agency that examines money transactions, are looking into something he did that included $10,000 every month, which is a problem for his campaign.

Will Hurd

Will Hurd

At the end of June, former Texas Congressman Will Hurd launched his campaign.  

He stated about Trump that the Republicans would lose to Joe Biden once more if they chose someone like Donald Trump, who doesn’t play by the rules. 

Hurd previously worked as a spy and was well-known in Congress for collaborating with Democrats. Even though his chances of success might not be great, he is currently trying to become a resident. He aspires to lead sensibly and reasonably. 

Hurd left Congress in 2021 after serving for three terms. He was elected in a district where the votes for each party were closely divided. He didn’t agree with many of his party’s members and opposed repealing the Affordable Care Act, backed stricter gun control laws, and criticized Trump for saying that some congresswomen should return to their native countries.

Dеmocrats Prеsidеntial Candidatеs 2024

Joе Bidеn

Joе Bidеn

Biden wants to run for president once more. He wants to continue doing the work he started when there was a serious virus, economic difficulties, and struggles with democracy. In 2024, some Democrats could prefer someone else, and Biden is already 80 years old, making him the oldest incumbent running for re-election.  

Even while many members of his party aren’t fully on board, the significant leaders haven’t taken any action to undermine him. Furthermore, the Democratic Party performed better in the midterm elections 2022 than expected, which helped calm the critics.

John F Kennedy

John F Kennedy

Kenny, who opposes vaccinations and is related to former US President John F. Kenny, launched his campaign in April. In a survey conducted that same month by USA Today/Suffolk University, about 14% of Democratic primary voters supported him. He comes from a well-known political family in the US; his father, Robert Kennedy, was assassinated in 1968 while seeking the presidency. 

He is well-known in this movement and frequently speaks out against vaccinations. In 2021, he published a book where he accused Anthony Fauci of doing badly towards democracy as a former White House COVID-19 advisor. In addition, Kerry pledges that if he wins, he will work to end the “bad connection between government and big corporations.”

Rеpublican and Dеmocratic fеmalе Presidential Candidatеs 2024

Here are the women prеsidеntial candidatеs 2024:

Mariannе Williamson

Mariannе Williamson

Marianne Williamson, who attempted to become a resident in 2020 but was unsuccessful, is attempting again. She also attempted employment in the US House of Representatives in 2014. However, she was unsuccessful in doing so. 

She is the first Democratic candidate to express that she wants to challenge Joe Biden for the presidency. She writes books to assist people, and when she began her campaign, she had grand ambitions to combat climate change and assist students with loan debt. She had previously worked as a “spiritual leader” in a Michigan church. 

Nikki Halеy

Nikki Halеy

The first prominent Republican to publicly declare her intention to succeed Trump as president was Nikki Haley, a former governor of South Carolina who served as Trump’s ambassador to the UN. If she receives the GOP nomination, she will become the first Asian American woman and nominee for president. She refers to the fact that new leaders are needed, that she is a woman, and that her family is from a different country, but she doesn’t want to focus on these specifics.

Haley has acknowledged that she doesn’t particularly like Trump on occasion. She anticipated that his post-election actions would be remembered badly in 2021. She then stated that if Trump ran, she would not. She later changed her mind in an interview with Fox, saying that America’s future is more important this year than anyone.

Kristi L. Noеm

South Dakota’s governor, Kristi L. Noem, is a Republican. She won again in November, taking over the reins once more. Because she disregarded the restrictions when the pandemic existed, she is known to those who subscribe to conservative ideas. She imposed little limitations in her state. Although South Dakota experienced a high proportion of virus illnesses and deaths relative to its population in 2020, she claims that her state managed the pandemic better than virtually every other state.

Independent Prеsidеntial Candidatеs 2024

Here are the possible independent candidatе for prеsidеnt 2024:

Liz Chеnеy

Liz Chеnеy

Liz Chenery, a congresswoman from Wyoming, considered running as an independent presidential candidate. If Trump is the Republican Party’s choice in 2024, she won’t stay in it. She used to have more influence within the Republican Party, but it diminished due to her criticism of Trump’s policies and attempts to influence the 2020 election. 

Even though she didn’t win the election to keep her seat in Congress, she hasn’t given up on politics. She pledged to do whatever necessary to prevent Trump from retaking the presidency. She highlighted the importance of putting in much effort, just like Abraham Lincoln and Ulysses Grant did throughout the Civil War, to keep the nation united.

Andrеw Yang

Businessman Andrew Yang, who ran for president as a Democrat in 2020, caught people’s attention in October 2021 when he said he was no longer a member of the Democratic Party and is now independent. He even founded a brand-new organization called the Forward Party. 

Later, in July, he collaborated with individuals who had previously belonged to the Republican and Democratic parties to support the Forward Party. They wanted this celebration in the middle, not in the countryside like the large parties. They aim to unite people and discover points of agreement. 

Yang claimed he had no desire to take any action that may assist Trump in reclaiming the presidency. He hasn’t decided on the 2024 election, but he thinks the nation needs a new party that unites people because they are becoming more divided. The Forward Party is focused on advancing the nation rather than taking a left- or right-leaning stance on issues.

Howard Stеrn

In late June, radio presenter Howard Stern announced on his talk show, “The Howard Stern Show,” that he was considering running for president in 2024. If Trump is chosen as the Republican nominee, he declared he would run. He claimed that one problem with most presidents is their far-reaching agendas, but his objective would be to restore the country’s “fairness.” He stated that eliminating the Elected College would be the ultimate goal.


The rapper Ye, formerly known as Kanye West, tried to win the presidency in 2020 despite having little chance of doing so. He might give it another shot later. In an interview from last month, he expressed interest in entering politics. 

He previously supported Trump. He attempted to run for office as a member of the Birthday Party, but he was unable to do so in the majority of places. Therefore, the results were unaffected. After the 2020 election, he tweeted “Kanye 2024” to indicate that he was considering 2024.

Dwaynе Johnson

Actor Dwayne Johnson has mentioned that he might have been considering being one of the Prеsidеntial 2024 Candidatе for a few years. He admitted to USA Today in 2017 that he was seriously considering running for president in 2020 but then changed his mind. He claimed that many people wanted him to be president. 

He stated that he does not engage in politics. Thus, he is carefully considering it. Before making a decision, he wants to learn more. He would want to help people as his major objective. He said to Variety in 2017 that 2024 might be a more realistic time to consider becoming a resident. 

Final Words

With so many presidential 2024 candidates it’s not clear who will win the race. However, some candidates have more potential and influence than others and with a diverse pool of candidates, voters have a range of choices and ideologies to consider. As the election approaches, it will be interesting to see how these candidates differentiate themselves and connect with the American people.

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