Why IOWA is Important

7 Reasons Why IOWA is Important in the Presidential Election Process

IOWA Caucus helps to set the tone for the rest of the election process.

According to the NY Times, this system for choosing the candidates was initiated in 1840. However, it gained national prominence in 1972.

In other words, it’s a strong indicator of the presidential candidate’s success.

If you want to know why IOWA is essential in the presidential election process, this blog is meant for you.

Before delving deeper, let’s have a brief introduction to the IOWA Caucus.

What is the IOWA Caucus?

It’s an electoral event which occurs every other year since 1972. Both the Republican party and Democratic party hold caucuses for general/midterm elections. Candidates who contest poorly in this LOWA will drop out of the race. However, this is not the situation every time. Joe Biden ended with 15% of the IOWA compared to Senator Bernie Sanders and Mayor Pete Buttigieg. Former president Donald Trump earned 97% support from the state party.

Why is IOWA Important?

The significance of IOWA is multi-faceted and rooted in various factors. It includes:

1. First State

IOWA is the first state in the nation to hold the primary in the presidential election cycle. Therefore, it’s known as “First in the Nation,” which marks the start of the presidential primary section. It stands as the essential litmus test for the candidates, which paves the way for the rest of the race.

2. Builds Momentum

The caucuses of LOWA play a pivotal role in developing the momentum for the candidates. It happens through media attention, financial support and other subsequent needs to contest cohesively.

The strong portfolio of LOWA can enable a candidate as a strong contender. Moving forward, it can translate into enhanced support from donors and voters.

3. Media Attention

LOWA caucuses receive a lot of media attention, especially from the national media. It enables the public to shape their opinion and the contest outcome. It means that candidates should be prepared to engage with the media while articulating their positions on various key issues to gain traction.

4. Direct Engagement with Voters

As LOWA uses a caucus system, candidates must depend on the grassroots. It will be a test of their ability to mobilize the supporters while building a strong coalition with them. Also, this system enables the candidates to directly engage with the voters. In turn, it will help them to connect on a personal level.

5. Provide Valuable Insights

IOWA has a mix of urban, rural, and suburban areas. Therefore, the results of these areas can provide a diverse demographic makeup. It helps the caucuses to provide detailed insights in terms of political agendas and the country’s preferences.

6. More Engaging

IOWA is enriched with political activism and engagement, with a politically savvy electorate. This denotes that the candidates should be well-prepared and well-informed to achieve the goals in IOWA. Additionally, the IOWA voters will get the chance to engage with the voters from the other states in order to stay updated.

7. Shapes Outcome

IOWA plays a pivotal role in reinforcing the past presidential outcomes. For instance, the victory of Barack Obama in 2008 IOWA helped him to get the Democratic nomination and the presidency. Therefore, IOWA becomes a critical enabler for the candidates who want to get good results in the presidential elections. It helps them to accumulate more information from significant resources to gain traction.

When will the IOWA Caucus be Held in 2024?

When will the IOWA Caucus be Held in 2024

According to Wikipedia, the IOWA presidential (Republican Party) caucuses will occur on Jan 15, 2024. Donald Trump is favored for this, but the result can be changed later. On the other hand, IOWA democrats are choosing their candidates through mail-in ballots. They may be releasing their results on March 5.

How Does the IOWA Caucus Work?

Republicans will gather at nearby locations like church, school or in a union hall. The representatives will throw speeches on behalf of their candidates. Votes will be done through secret ballots. The results will be sent to the state party once the tallies are complete.

Who can Participate?

IOWA residents can participate in this caucus as a Republican. However, the individuals should be over 18 years of age.

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