Who Owns a Domain Name

4 Ways to Find Out Who Owns a Domain Name

Stay calm if you have already decided to buy a domain name for your new political website, but it’s unavailable!

Still, you can buy the domain, even if it’s registered by someone else.

Reach the domain name owner to see if you can purchase the same from him/her directly.

Here comes the question- “How to find out who owns a domain name?

In this blog, we will discuss how to find the domain name owner. Read on to learn more.

Who is a Domain Owner?

Once someone registers the web address with an accredited registrar, once he/she is legally registered for the domain name and all the relevant personal details, the person owns that specific web address, right? They have the right to sell it at any time, or they can transfer it to a new user.

What are the Ways to Find Out the Domain Name?

Multiple ways are there to find out the domain owner’s name. Here you go-

1. Check the Website

Once you check the domain status for your website and find that it’s unavailable, visit the existing website with your desired domain name. Few domain names are brought to be resold later for a higher price. In that case, check the domain’s availability for sale and the owner’s contact information.

2. Check the Information in the WHOIS Database

You can use a domain lock-up tool if you cannot find the contact information through the website directly. There are a few domain registrars, who submit the basic contact details into the WHOIS directory. This is an online database which contains data about the users.

Who Owns a Domain Name

3. Contact Domain Name Owner

Once you find the contact information, it’s time to contact the domain owner. You can compose and send an email to the owner. Ensure your email doesn’t seem like spam. Here’s how you can increase the opening chance of the email-

  • Use Your Business Email Address– If you have a business email address, you should use the same. This will establish your credibility as a business person.
  • Provide Your Contact Number. For a convenient communication method, share your phone number.
  • Be Sweet and Simple– Ensure that the subject line is to the point and the email body conveys the same message. Always be professional and transparent that your objective is to make an offer if the domain name is available for sale.

4. Use Social Media

Another way to check who owns a domain name is to thoroughly search social media handles, including LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and other channels. Check the company name that is using the domain name currently.

If you find the social media profile currently using the domain name, message them. You may not reach the owner directly, but your message should be enticing so the associates pass the text to the owner.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Who is the domain name owner?

A: Any individual, company, or business may legally own or own a domain name. This person is known as a domain registrant, and they must maintain their WHOIS contact information updated and their current registration costs.

Q: How trustworthy is WHOIS data?

A: ICANN offers rules to make the WHOIS database as accurate as possible. Since registrants’ contact information may change, registrars like GoDaddy must offer domain owners yearly chances to check and modify their WHOIS domain data.

Q: How do I change my WHOIS details?

A: Your GoDaddy account’s Domain Manager has a WHOIS contact information update feature. You can modify all your contacts at once or just one at a time in just a few easy steps.

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