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Ted Cruz has a domain problem – the .VOTE domain solves it

Updated: Jan 17, 2019

Staff | internet.com

Ted Cruz’s domain name problem has been well-documented. And not just him – Hillary Clinton has been having her own domain name problems, too.

TedCruz.com, owned by an Arizona attorney who shares Cruz’s name, shows this:

TedCruzforAmerica.com, meanwhile redirects to the Healthcare.gov website, which Cruz probably wouldn’t be overjoyed about; and TedCruz.ca isn’t exactly complimentary about the Texas Republican…

Hillary Clinton did manage to nab HillaryClinton.com in time, but HillaryforPresident.com was snapped up by a conservative dental surgeon who uses it to publish pieces that Clinton probably wouldn’t swing her weight behind.

.VOTE domains

What’s a poor politician to do? TedCruz.com dates all the way back to 2008, so politicians would have to be playing a very long game to get all the relevant .COM and .ORG domains registered before somebody else does. They do have another option now, though: The .VOTE (dot VOTE) generic top level domain from Monolith Registry. .VOTE is the only domain extension dedicated to the political space that can offer real protection to candidates and potential candidates, and seems tailor-made as a solution to politicians’ domain woes.

.VOTE has a strict registration policy in place:

  • First, deceptive names are not permitted

  • Second, in order to register a .VOTE domain, an obvious connection between the domain name and the registrant’s activities in the democratic process has to be demonstrated

  • Third, registrations by anonymous registrants (so-called “proxy” registrations) are specifically prohibited in .VOTE.And finally, .VOTE also has a system in place so that non-compliant names can be reported and investigated promptly

We might be seeing the end of the era of political domain name confusion. While some of the mix-ups might have been funny, they were definitely confusing for voters – getting some clarity is definitely no bad thing at all.

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