Breaking Battlegrounds Secures One-Year Sponsorship with Dot Vote Domain

Breaking Battlegrounds, a popular multi-market radio show and podcast, has announced a one-year sponsorship agreement with Dot Vote and Dot Voto. The sponsorship agreement will feature radio commercials, public opinion surveys, and social media ads targeting Breaking Battlegrounds’ audience of educated and civic-minded listeners.

Dot Vote and Dot Voto are committed to offering a platform on the internet where voters can discover reliable information about candidates, policy issues, and political campaigns. By using these domains, campaigns can create a recognizable internet space for voters to find trustworthy information about elected officials and candidates seeking public office at all levels.

Breaking Battlegrounds, which reaches an average of 530,000 listeners per week, is excited to partner with Dot Vote and Dot Voto to help promote civic engagement and education. The show features national opinion leaders who discuss politics, culture, and policies that influence our day-to-day lives.

“We are thrilled to partner with Dot Vote and Dot Voto for the next year to provide our listeners with reliable information and a clearer path to learn more about the candidates and policies affecting our communities,” said the host of Breaking Battlegrounds (Sam Stone and Chuck Warren). “We are excited to have this opportunity to increase civic engagement and provide our listeners with more reliable information than ever before.”

The sponsorship agreement will aid in promoting civic engagement and encourage listeners to obtain dependable information regarding political campaigns and policies. Breaking Battlegrounds has hosted prominent guests such as Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, Governor Asa HutchinsonSenator Marco Rubio, and others.

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